Juan always had an athletic build but slim while his frame was muscular, he loved playing hand ball as a kid. Years later he began reading FLEX magazines, he started by wanting a bigger chest and began doing push-ups and other exercises to gain the chest he desired. After seeing the progression he did the same with his arms, and so on! Juan Diesel Morel started his competitive bodybuilding season in 2007. NPC east coast in NJ, he received second place in his first show to qualify for nationals. The week after Juan did NPC Easterns leaving with no placement.

Following year Juan did the suburban championship and which he won heavyweight division and overall title. Which brings us to the 2008 Easterns where Juan Diesel places 2nd place in the heavyweight division. In 2009 he did the Jr nationals and got 7th place. A few week later he did grande prix winning the super heavyweight division and overall.

2010 he did north Americans at first pro qualifier; getting second place. Juan then placed second at nationals. 2011 he did USAs placing 2nd. Followed by North Americans where He placed first in super heavyweight and overall winning his much deserved pro card.

In 2012 Juan made he pro debut at NYPro brining home 4th place win. 2 months later Juan took home his first pro win at the Europa Hartford.

This win qualified Juan for 2012 Olympia. He sat out this completion and still won rookie of the year for Flex.

In 2013 Juan came back to NYPro with a 3rd place win. He got second place at the Tampa Pro as well.

2014- Juan placed 2nd Arnold Classic Brazil. After that he continued NYPro for another second place finish. Toronto pro Juan won and it qualified him for the Olympia.

Juan’s Olympia debut he placed top 10. Juan competed in the European tour; Arnold Spain, Dubai, Prague and Italy.

Staring the 2015 year Juan competed and won his home town show the NYPro- he qualified and competed in the 2015 Olympia. He also went on to compete in the European tour of Arnold Spain and Prague.

In 2016 took his first step onto the Arnold Classic Ohio stage placing 6th… Juan then competed again in Arnold Brazil for 2016 placing 2nd behind Kai.

Juan joined Physique Nutrition in the start of 2017. He knows the company understands importance of the athletes and the products are top notch. Using the Physique Nutrition products Juan placed 5 at the Arnold classic Ohio, and went on to New Zealand for a third place finish.

Currently getting ready to head back to South American Arnold (Brazil)